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Buying a shelf company is one of the most effective strategies to start a business abroad. For those of you to which whom time is of the essence, buying a shelf company is a perfect choice.

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Already Registered

Our shelf companies are all already registered before the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, waiting for their new owners. If you decide to buy a shelf company, we will change its trade name, board, etc., and prepare it for you.


Our Shelf Companies are Aged

You will have history: a longer operating history. Banks, often favor favour an aged company when it comes to business loans and clients are inclined to see companies that show longevity as more trustworthy.


Bank Accounts to Go

Your company will have bank accounts in both public and private banks up and running without prior activities. You can make any transaction you want as soon as you purchase our shelf company.

How to acquire a shelf company

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As long as the name is not already taken, companies can change their name at any time. All you need to do is apply to MERSIS and submit a petition with the Board of Directors Decision to the relevant authority.

The whole process takes roughly 1-2 days, but the transaction can be completed only in a few hours.

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